Blaise Battleships 2007 Race Report

Mental Racing  =  Physical Ability  + Mental Agility

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Puzzling at the Castle0302

Next the runners visited Blaise Castle itself, at the highest point of the course, where they were required to solve a Minesweeper puzzle and a dice puzzle.

Answers -      Minesweeper:  F6                Dice:   Spade B5

Then they headed back down from the Castle, grabbing a drink from the friendly marshals manning the water station, and finally off the muddy trails onto the paved paths of the estate, stopping at the top of the valley for an IQ puzzle.  For this puzzle you had to work out the common theme between two pictorial equations, and apply this to a third.

The common theme was that in A + B = C,  lines that were in both A and B were also in C, but all other lines in A and B were excluded from C. The correct Grid Reference from this puzzle was E6

The course continued downhill to the Mill, a central point for the second half of the course which the runners would visit three times. Here they found a Spot the Difference puzzle, which was based on a diagram of the fleet formations at the Battle of Trafalgar. Most teams solved this correctly - but this was more a test of how fast you could solve it!

There followed a steep zig-zag climb up to Henbury Lodge, where yet more puzzles were to be found. After such a climb, and late into the race, it was hard to concentrate, and everyone in the field forgot about the clue on the back of their answer sheet which would have saved them from spending time solving the puzzles. The clue said that the Conqueror could be completely sunk at Henbury Lodge. This ship was 3 units long - the free grid reference provided was D10, and one of the puzzles gave its grid reference as also in row D. With this information alone it was possible to say the 3 grid references available were D8, D9 and D10.

Answers  -  Shapes Puzzle: D8      Mathematics Puzzle: D9

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