Blaise Battleships 2007 Race Report

Mental Racing  =  Physical Ability  + Mental Agility

martin small

After Henbury Lodge it was back down past the Mill (manned by Andy’s parents!) and the welcome relief of a relatively flat section to Combe Dingle for the final puzzle point.

This time the runners faced a confusing wordsearch - trying to find the complete word “Nelson” amongst a jumble of the same letters used over and over, and a mathematical challenge which would sink an entire ship all by itself.

Answers:   Wordsearch: E3 (reading diagonally down to the right)

                   Mathematical challenge: I5, I6, I7

        52 = 25    62 = 36    72 = 49

        25 + 36 + 49 = 110

Before finishing the competitors needed to check they’d answered the puzzles on the back of the answer sheet...

Answers:             Sudoku: B4      

        Ship Name: VICTORY (Roman numerals for VIC!)

        Clock Puzzle:  15:25

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